Who is RapidClean?

In July 2017 we made the decision to join RapidClean. RapidClean is an Australian and New Zealand owned co-op with over 50 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. RapidClean has no involvement in the day to day operation and has 0% ownership of any of their members businesses.


Why RapidClean?

As RapidClean is made up of individually owned and operated businesses the service, knowledge and expertise of the cleaning industry remains at a high standard. RapidClean brings businesses together and makes it possible for the small—medium businesses to provide and supply on a national scale. The advantages of dealing with small businesses over large businesses is small businesses have a lot of drive and strive to provide the best for their customers. Our customers are not just another number, we like to have more of a personal relationship with our customers, this helps us understand them and can supply them with the best suited products.


Advantages of being a RapidClean Member.

Not only can we now supply on a national level but our access to new and innovative products has been greatly increased with a lot of new products already available in store. With over 30 preferred suppliers at our disposal we have access to most major brands at very competitive prices.

Some major brands include:

· Diversey

· S C Johnson


· Livi (Cottonsoft)

· Glomesh

· 3M

· Nilfisk

· Rubbermaid

· Oates



Free Online Safe Chemical Handling Course

A free online safe chemical handling course can be found on the RapidClean website, a great way to train new staff! Also available on the website is 14 paid online course covering everything to do with cleaning.



The RapidClean Website can be found at www.rapidclean.co.nz