• $34.87

  • Includes 1 x N.O 200 mesh screen & 1 x N.O 46 scourer pad

    Technical Notes

    Keep your griddle clean throughout the day and at the end of a busy shift with this 3M 461 Scotch-Brite™ griddle pad holder! This blue holder holds (1) 46 polishing pad and (1) 200 griddle screen (both included) so that you can put their unique characteristics to work while protecting your hands from grease and burns. It also helps improve leverage for an overall more effective cleaning.

    Featuring an aggressive open construction with abrasive mineral particles, the pad and screen each boast remarkable scouring power while the pad even polishes as it cleans. Their heat-resistance also means that you can clean even when the grill is at operating temperature without having to worry about clogging, and then easily rinse the pad clean when you're done.

    Using the grill cleaning tool
    1. Use a scraper to get really thick bits of first
    2. Use the hand –piece with the polishing pad in the middle and the screen part on the bottom
    3. They do not stick together but do hold as one on a grill plate
    4. The screen will cut off lighter build-up .
    5. Then use the polishing pad on the holder – you can pour a little bit of hot soapy water as you clean (also with grill cleaner – gladiator – eye protection recommended) If your grill slopes to a catch tray – this is ideal . Using a little bit of heat can also aid cleaning. (not too much melts pad and dries too quickly).
    6. Do final rinse with hot fresh water (if you have used a grill cleaner)
    7. Season grill plate ready for use.
    8. Wash the cleaning tool in hot soapy water and carefully brush screen clean to get maximum life from them.

    Overall Dimensions:
    Length: 5 1/4"
    Width: 4"
    Height: 2 1/2"