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SPOT FREE RINSE AID is a rinse additive for use in automatic dishwashers. It promotes free rinsing and prevents water spotting and streaking leaving crockery and cutlery sparkling. Coupled with the use of hot water, SPOT FREE RINSE AID ensures fast drying times, and tableware is swiftly returned for re-use. Manual drying is eliminated thus reducing labour costs and also preventing cross-infection from the use of towels.


SPOT FREE RINSE AID is introduced during the rinse cycle at a very low concentration of 7-10 mL/45L of water via automatic dosing equipment.  For best results flash drying at 80-90ºC is recommended. In domestic dishwashers the rinse additive is dispensed from a small reservoir unit which must be kept full.

SPOT FREE RINSE AID may also be used manually. A few mL of SPOT FREE RINSE AID should be added to a sink of almost boiling water. Immerse the articles to be rinsed in this solution using a basket or a tray, remove and allow to drain.

Available in 5L and 20L

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