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Dilmah Vivid Tea

This range of loose leaf gourmet tea offers a delicate attitude and makes for a sophisticated choice in many ways.


  • Pure Peppermint 30g- This Pure Peppermint loose leaf infusion is naturally caffeine free and ideally enjoyed after a meal. The natural peppermint oil in the leaves imparts a menthol aroma and adds sparkle to the infusion, making for a cooling and energising experience. Try it with a touch of honey as a mild and delicious accompaniment to your day.
  • Gentle Chamomile 40g– Loose leaf Chamomile is a gentle and relaxing herb enjoyed by many as a tonic for centuries. It has a serene character and wonderful aroma. The daisy-like Chamomile flower, where the subtle flavour is concentrated, has an uplifting aroma reminiscent of apples. It is often enjoyed as a gentle, naturally caffeine free infusion in the evening.
  • Elderflower & Apple Infusion 140g – A naturally caffeine-free loose leaf infusion offering a delicious apple fragrance and crowd-pleasing flavours. Citrus and green apple complement elderflower and elderberries to produce a fresh, summery infusion.
  • Natural Infusion of Blueberry 175g- Blueberries lend their soft, tangy flavours to this intense caffeine-free infusion. A loose leaf fusion of berry, orange and sweet fruit notes offer a delicious all-natural fruit, herb, and spice flavour combination.
  • Blood Orange & Eucalyptus 175g- An inspired loose leaf blend of sweet orange, lemon and spice in a beautiful ruby red infusion. Strong and tart, the lively fresh berry and orange notes are balanced by the bracing, pungent scent of eucalyptus.
  • Ceylon Breakfast Tea 150g- An essential gourmet tea experience ; tea from Ceylon’s western high grown region, where the varying climatic conditions produces a perfectly balanced tea. A ruby red liquor yields the best of Ceylon in a tea that offers richness, depth and the slightly grassy, bright note of high quality, fresh tea. Neither too strong nor too light, a delicious tea to wake up to, to revive or simply relax with. A tea for connoisseurs.
  • Aromatic Earl Grey Tea 165g– A bold and bright single region Ceylon tea, grown at around 2000ft above sea level and gently fused with Bergamot flavour. The result is a balanced, medium strength tea with the citrus note that is known as Earl Grey. This floral and fruity flavour balances the strength of the tea to offer a refreshing and delightful tea.
  • Naturally Pure Green Tea 100g- Gently steamed Ceylon Green tea with the mildly astringent taste typical of fine green teas. A pale yellow infusion is tinged with olive highlights. A pleasant tea with a lightly sweet finish.
  • Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea 100g- An inspiring green tea with bold leaf appearance, combined with petals of natural Jasmine flowers. The liquor produced by this combination is light and gentle; the special fragrance and a touch of sweetness comes from the night blooming Jasmine flower.