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 The FUSE Dilution on Demand is a trigger system incorporating a dispenser unit which utilises small cartridges of concentrated products, and dilutes it within the durable sprayer head itself, eliminating safety issues and the inconvenience of mixing and storage. The user simply fills one of the bottles with tap water and locks in a hygiene product cartridge as needed.


Although this trigger bottle system is intended to provide efficiency and safety of your facility, it was designed for sustainability as well, which means you can be sure that you are taking a very significant step toward plastic waste reduction.


Ease of Use

  • Fill the water bottle with water, clip in the concentrate and use.
  • A dilution tip ensures that the correct mix of water and concentrate is applied.


  • Removing unnecessary plastic from landfill.
  • The trigger spray is rated at over 100,000 sprays and lasts much longer than single-use sprays.
  • Concentrated formula enables diversion of up to 20 plastic bottles of concentrate.

Health and Safety

  • Avoids mixing of chemicals and minimises chemical spills.
  • Ergonomically designed trigger sprayer that covers comfortably to your fingers to reduce hand fatigue.
  • No overuse of concentrate due to the accurate dilution system.

Wide Range of system concentrates available:

  • Bleach
  • Multipurpose Cleaner
  • IsoPro 3in1 Cleaner, Sanitiser and Antimicrobial Protectant
  • BioProtect Multi Purpose Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner

Product Information Sheet

Powerpoint Presentation

Safety Data Sheet - Glass Cleaner

Safety Data Sheet - Bleach

Safety Data Sheet - BioProtect Multi Purpose Cleaner

Safety Data Sheet - Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Safety Data Sheet - Iso Pro 3