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Help us help nature

Huia Skin+Care, environmental, ethical, gorgeous New Zealand Made guest hair and body care products, that through our partnership with Forest & Bird, help give nature a voice.

And that voice is now in te reo Māori as well, with this being the first bilingual range of hair and body care products. This is designed to engage users at a cultural as well as sensory level. All products in the range have te reo Māori product names. If you are anything like us you can sometimes feel a bit self conscious when pronouncing te reo Māori, so we have made a series of videos to help you 

When you redesign something as successful as our Forest & Bird range, you want to make very sure that you are improving it. That's why, once again, we worked with Flox, one of New Zealand's best loved contemporary artists, to develop out new look. The new artwork is based on the now extinct Huia, a cousin of the iconic Tui. The beautiful Huia should serve as a constant and poignant reminder that we all need to care for mother nature.

Forest & Bird is all about helping nature

Every time you use one of these products a percentage of its value goes directly to Forest & Bird to support their invaluable work in protecting animals and wild places, on land and in our oceans.

All plastics are recyclable, all formulations are biodegradable and every product will help us to help Forest & Bird to help nature.

For over 10 years Health Pak has had a close relationship with Forest & Bird – a not-for-profit conservation organisation in New Zealand, that aims to protect all native species and wild places – on land and in our oceans, lakes and rivers. To learn more about Forest & Bird follow this link :

We are proud to support such a worthy organisation and to prove it we created a range of amenities devoted to promoting their cause.  A portion of the price from the sale of each product in our Forest & Bird range gets donated back to them so that they can continue with their amazing work.

35ML Bottle - 128 Bottles per Carton

Pleatwrapped Soap - 375 Per Carton

Safety Data Sheet - Shampoo

Safety Data Sheet - Conditioner

Safety Data Sheet - Hand Wash

Safety Data Sheet - Body Balm