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Machine Plus dish & glass washing detergent is designed for use with Automatic Dispensing Equipment & the mechanical washing of glassware, dishes & food
equipment. It contains alkaline detergents combined with soil suspending agents, anti-scaling components & a stabilised chlorine de-staining agent.

MACHINE PLUS is formulated especially for use with Automatic Dispensing Equipment. This is a complete hands-free system which ensures optimum concentration and economy of use of detergent is maintained at all times. The dispenser involves the use of a potentiometric probe which senses detergent concentration in the wash tank and signals the pump when to add more detergent.

– Concentrated liquid – ensures economical dose rates.
– Contains anti-scaling agents – minimises the need to descale the dishwasher.
– Contains soil suspending agents – prevents re deposition of soils.
– Chlorine based – removes and controls all tannin and protein stains.

Available in 5L and 20L

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