• $25.65

Available in 250ml or 500ml Spray

Removes unsightly mould, mildew and mould roots from most surfaces.

  • Plastics – tables and chairs

  • Wood – cupboards, boats and furniture

  • Glass & Mirrors

  • Canvas – Camping Gear, Sports bags and boat covers

  • Fabrics

  • Curtains – Homes and Caravans

  • Tiles – Kitchen and bathrooms

  • Laminates – Benchtops, shops and bathrooms

Visible mould ejects mould spores into the air which land and produce more mould.

When applied the Surface Mould Remover causes the bacteria to stop multiplying and the mould to dry up, even down to the root system which usually embeds in the surface the mould is using to grow.

Spot test on small surface area. Spray onto mould affected area and leave for 10 minutes. Wipe mould off with a clean cloth. When surface is visibly clean, spray again lightly, wipe with clean cloth and allow to dry. Repeat clean after 7 days to ensure all mould roots in surface have been removed.

For continuous prevention of mould, following treatment using the Mould Remover Spray, place the Air Purifier Tub near the cleaned area to prevent airborne spores from landing and starting another mould colony.

Safety Data Sheet