• $53.04

The Ecomist Starter pack has everything you need to stop insects in their tracks. Our standard E4 Automatic Dispenser is programmable and comes with one can of  250ml Insect Spray with Natural Pyrethrins, Alkaline batteries and a stand and screws for easy installation.  

The dispensers can also be used with our 250ml Odour Neutralisers with French Perfume. We have up to 50 French sourced fragrances to choose from

Ecomist Automatic Insect Spray Dispenser has an easy push button operation with three settings to suit your home:
  • Normal (every 7 mins daytime, every 15 min at night)
  • High (every 4 mins during day, every 15 at night)
  • Low ( every 7 min day time, off at night).
The E4 Dispenser has a light sensor which enables it to turn down or off depending on the program you’ve selected (see above). Just remember that cockroaches and ants tend to come out at night so sometimes its not a good idea to have insect control totally off at night.
You can either mount the E4 Dispenser on a wall with screws provided or it comes with a stand for free-standing.

Safety Data Sheet