• $25.29

3M Scotch-Brite Griddle Screen 200CC is designed for heavy duty cleaning and removal of carbonized grease and food buildup on flat top griddles.

Features and Benefits:

  • High quality synthetic fabric backing to provide long lasting usage.
  • Abrasive minerals selected to provide remarkable scouring for griddle cleaning.
  • Aggressive, heavy duty and open screen construction to provide fast cleaning and multiple uses, resist clogging, and rinse clean easily.
  • Heat resistant screen to allow for cleaning griddle at operating temperature throughout the day.

Soil Type:
Baked-on Food, Burnt-on Food, Cheese, Dirt Particles, Dust, Grease, Hard Water Stains, Hardened Food, Marks, Sauce Deposits, Scuffs, Soap Scum, Soft Food, Stains, Sticky/Gooey Food, Thick Food, Thin/Crispy Food

Pack of 20